Victims of their environment in Romania and all over the world

The beneficiary of the investigation usually asks us or any other Romanian Private Detective questions like “who are these people?”
After we finished a case that concluded the client’s fears, meaning that the person we had investigated was most of the times a crook or part of a scheme meant to make the client send large amounts of money.

The beneficiary of the investigation usually asks us or any other Romanian Private Detective questions like “who are these people?” or “How can they do something like this? Don’t they have a soul?”  The answer for this question is not an easy one and the client’s curiosity is quickly replaced by anger and that’s were in most of the cases a lawyer comes in and the legal procedures start. However, I feel that this question should be answered and, from my experience as a Romanian Private Detective, and by dealing with a lot of cases that involved sentimental crooks and other types of criminals, I can start by telling that usually they all come from similar backgrounds, poor families where parents were working in Italy or Spain. This means the kids grew up with their grandparents or another close relative and most of the time their interaction with their parents was thru phone conversations and  from the packages that were coming once a couple of months with clothes or other goods coming from other latin European countries. Romanians usually choose Italy or Spain because the language is similar and they can adapt more easily. Over the years, with only these kind of interactions they get a different perspective of life, love and how the things really are. After a childhood where the parents always told them that they are abroad making sacrifices and working hard because they love them and they do all this so they can send money and gifts for you, then some, if not most of these kids, especially females perceive love exactly in that matter. If a person loves you, then she must send money and other material things. This is the ultimate proof of love as they’ve experienced it during their childhood years.

Of course that this is not an excuse for them when they become adults. as an adult you can make your own decisions and follow your own path, but it is just an explanation for some people that become victims of their environment. Nobody bothers to write about any of these things, the main stream media just remembers from time to time about the children of the people that left Romania to work abroad, mostly when a kid commits suicide because he is missing his parents or when young girls are missing and the parents are desperate and they come back to Romania asking authorities, the media and in some cases private detectives for help in finding their children. Unless they’re dead or gone missing, these kids don’t have any names, they are just some statistics. Over the years, a big part of these “statistics” might become sentimental crooks or persons that might make you ask for the services of  a Romanian Private Detective or lawyer.

Victims of their environment can be found everywhere else in the world, but different environments produce different type of victims. The best example that I could give at this moment is the one of “Angel SantaCruz”, the name surely does not ring any bells and that’s because his name only appeared once in an article of the “NBC Bay Area” online edition from December 2017. The article was about “3 San Jose Residents Arrested in Connection to 2016 Killing”. Nothing special so far but you might actually have seen “Angel SantaCruz” in one of the “most powerful images ever” (   ) – the image was simply named “Young man just found out his brother was killed”. The victim or the person from the image were not named at the time , however a couple of days later, local press released the name of the victim – it was 17 years old “Anthony Daniel SantaCruz” the little brother of “Angel SantaCruz”. Ever since I’ve seen that image I was curious about who the main character of that particular picture was and also what was the story behind her. It didn’t seem weird that even though the picture had become famous there was no information about the actual story or the characters, just like in the cases of missing Romanian children – the individuals were not important. In this case, a young Hispanic male, probably gang affiliated was no interest for the media, even if some years later he was arrested for a connection in the killing of a 18 years old boy, nobody knew that he is the same person that 4 years earlier was screaming in pain on the pavement after he had just found out that his 17 years old brother has been stabbed to death.

Just as Angel SantaCruz was a victim and then a product of his environment, we can say for certain that a big part of the crooks that Romanian Private Detectives have to deal with have been also victims. then transformed to products of their environment. In US, Romania or anywhere else in the world, the stories are pretty much the same, only the outcomes are different

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