Romanian private detective agency – R.D.A.


Being one of the first private detective agencies from Romania, RDA and its employees ( private detectives and legal advisers) have the appropriate degree and are certified by IGPR (The Romanian General Police Inspectorate) and DGPMB (Bucharest’s General Direction of Police), thus fulfilling completely the requirements of Law 329/2003. Founding member of AODPR (The “Onoare<>” Romanian Association of Private Detectives), our agency provides investigations in the country and abroad, independently or in cooperation with the best domestic and foreign detective agencies. Working in a field where the external factors play a very important role, we can assure you that every case is treated with high earnestness and professionalism by private detectives with high quality logistics working to solve all types of issues.

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detective agency

Our detective agency provides investigations regarding : » The behavior and morality of certain persons; » Missing or kidnapped persons; » Earnestness and solvency checks regarding untrustworthy business partners; » Protection against information leaks; » Obtaining before and after marriage information; » Special protection measures;

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