FAQs about the Romanian private detectives :

FAQDo the Romanian private detectives need special authorization for this profession?

» The Romanian private detectives must have a license issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

Where can a Romanian private detective work?

» A Romanian private detective can open his own individual cabinet or he can work in a detective agency.

Who decides which individual cabinets and detective agencies are eligible to work?

» The individual cabinets and detective agencies need to be licensed by the Romanian Police.

Can a Romanian detective agency provide other services?

» A Romanian detective agency can provide only detective services (investigationssurveillance, and so on)

Can I trust the professional secrecy of a Romanian private detective?

» By law the Romanian private detective has to keep the professional secrecy; the results of his work are just between him and the client.

Are there private detectives that just from their experience can predict the outcome of an investigation?

» The private detectives are not fortune tellers so they cannot predict the result of an investigation; if a “private detective ” is telling you the result before he made any kind of work regarding your case it means that he is in the wrong business or you are in the wrong place.