R.D.A. – Romanian detective agency

Being one of the first private detective agencies from Romania, RDA and its employees ( private detectives and legal advisers) have the appropriate degree and are certified by IGPR (The Romanian General Police Inspectorate) and DGPMB (Bucharest’s General Direction of Police), thus fulfilling completely the requirements of Law 329/2003. Founding member of AODPR (The “Onoare” Romanian Association of Private Detectives), our agency provides investigations in the country and abroad, independently or in cooperation with the best domestic and foreign detective agencies. Working in a field where the external factors play a very important role, we can assure you that every case is treated with high earnestness and professionalism by private detectives with high quality logistics working to solve all types of issues. According to The Romanian Explanatory Dictionary, a detective is a “Secret Agent in Police Service of some countries or in service of a private person”. The first article of the 329/2003 Law for Private Detectives says: “The private detective is the person certified in conditions of the present law and who, without bringing any harm to the personal or family life, freedom or other fundamental rights, on demand of individuals or legal entities, carries out specific activities of investigation, referring to: a) Public behavior and morality of a person; b) Data regarding the solvency and earnestness of an individual person or of a legal entity, potential partner in a business; c) Persons missing from home; d) Goods which are the object of civil or penal litigations estranged with a view to harm the interests of a part in a process; e) Ensuring the protection against information leaking regarding private life or economic agents activity which want to keep the confidentiality of all these.” Through this brief foreword introduction about our agency and about private detective agencies in general, we hope that we managed to give you an idea regarding the situations we can help you with. General Manager, Răzvan Miron