Services – Romanian private detective agency


Our Romanian detective agency is working according to the 329/2003 law for the romanian private detectives. According to this law the romanian detectives are allowed to provide only certain detective services (investigations and surveillance) specific for the romanian private detective bussines. This being said we can give you a list of services that our agency and the romanian private detectives in general can provide :

» The behavior and morality of certain persons;
» Missing or kidnapped persons;
» Earnestness and solvency checks regarding untrustworthy business partners;
» Protection against information leaks;
» Obtaining before and after marriage information;
» Special protection measures;
» Insurance frauds;
» Trademark and copyright infringement;
» Genealogy, family tree;
» C.V. checking;
» Provides consultancy and guidance for foreigners traveling in Romania;
» Other kind of investigations on request.